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Newsletter August 2021

Dear IBADCC Members,

We hope you are enjoying the final weeks of summer!

In today’s newsletter, meet the representative from Region 4 discover how you can contribute to the IBADCC Learning Center, and learn more about the highlighted conference.

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Kind Regards,

Meet Region 4 and its representative Claudia Wilcox

In this issue of Meet the Region, Claudia shares her journey, what is to love about Region 4, regional trends, and upcoming events. >> Read Article Here

IBADCC Learning Center

Call for Content

Great knowledge is better shared than kept alone.

IBADCC welcomes counselors and coaches to contribute content for upcoming webinars, newsletter articles, and more - covering all aspects of addiction and recovery.


2021 ICA Super Conference

This November conference is now calling for presenter proposals.

Do you have a job you would like advertised?

The IBADCC is happy to share open positions on our website.

How to Contact IBADCC

If you have questions on the recommendations or resources included in this email, or if you have specific questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact us! The best way to contact the administrative office of the IBADCC is to send an email to Our inbox is checked daily. If you are looking to speak directly with someone at the IBADCC office, please feel free to schedule a One-on-One call with our Specialist here.

Join us on Social Media

If you are looking for a way to stay connected to the IBADCC community and learn about upcoming continuing education, news releases, and events, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. New content is posted weekly, including our new Feel Good Friday feature where we share helpful tips for self-care and staying grounded.


IBADCC Email: | Tel: 952-855-8827 (9am-5pm Mountain Time) Address: 2095 Daniels St #963, Long Lake, MN 55356

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