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Board Member: Claudia Wilcox

CADC II (OR), CADC Vice President

Region 4 Representative

Education Committee

My Journey

Hello, My name is Claudia Wilcox and I am your Region 4 Representative and a veteran in the field of Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery. God Willing, I will take a 24 year chip on September 1st. When I got clean and sober, I had no idea September was National Recovery Month or what that even meant. I soon learned how special the month of September would become in my life and life of so many others.

I was honored to be Idaho’s 2009 Recovery Delegate for the National Recovery Month Celebration in New York City that Faces and Voices of Recovery, SAMHSA and A&E sponsored. Ten thousand recovering individuals walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in representation that people CAN and DO recover from the negative effects of SUD.

In efforts to reduce stigma around addiction we were all willing to record our personal struggles in addiction and our journey of recovery for the public to view. I have been blessed beyond belief to work and live a life of sobriety and mentorship, I am proud of the work I have done and the person I have become. I am willing to share my story in hopes others might take something from it that would help them. We were told that in the near future, so many people would be seeking treatment, the workforce would not be able to meet the demand. Well, I believe we’re here!

I have spent the past 27 years working in SUD Treatment and Recovery. For me, Harm Reduction and Problem Solving Courts have been some of the most rewarding models to work in. I have seen thousands of miracles and met amazing people personally and professionally. I have been afforded so many AMAZING opportunities throughout my career. In September, I will be retiring from providing direct service and move into a teaching position to help develop the Recovery Coach workforce in the Treasure Valley.

Why IBADCC matters

I served 8 years on the Addiction Counselors Certification Board of Oregon before moving to Idaho. I have been a member of IBADCC for approximately 8 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges brought to the board. We have a hard working board and we have been able to meet some pretty important challenges for our clients and the field.

One of those being, taking on the Recovery Coach Certification. Creating this para professional certification that could be monitored and represented by a certifying body, IBADCC, making it legit!!

We did that and now have approximately 50 CPRC’s and CRC’s combined in the state and are working to certify more. Providing a Preliminary Certification so potential trained RC’s could intern and work towards the hours needed to test is another important challenge the board created at the request of stakeholders and constitutes.

We are a hard working board and have a couple positions open if one wanted to get involved at the certification level. We will be putting on some fund raisers in the near future and are looking for volunteers. Please contact the office or a board member to discuss the different possibilities to get involved.

The Beauty of Region 4

What I love about this Region besides all the great shopping and outdoor activities is that there are so many providers and opportunities for people who suffer from addiction to get help. We have the largest provider group in the State with approximately 43 behavioral health agencies and we are still growing. With the current demands on the system, agencies are lacking ability to fully staff