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Newsletter October 2021 - Updates from the President

Greetings and happy October IBADCC Community!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support and commitment to IBADCC.

Under the COVID-19 new normal, I believe all our lives have been shaped differently than before. As a believer that "great changes come with great opportunities," we will embrace this new normal and make IBADCC an even better community and proud to be a part of that our members continue to be proud to be part of.

An Experience To Share

I have the privilege of talking with a fellow SUD counselor across the state. Lately, the topic generally turns to the impact COVID has on us as professionals and, more importantly, on the individuals struggling with SUD-related problems in their lives. Adaptability has been a term I think about a lot. It is woven not only for us as professionals but also is a skill that supports the change and cooping through trials experienced.

The ability to adapt, find hope, problem-solve, and cope through trials strengthens one's efforts in their recovery. I remember when this hit me several years ago. On a cold, snowy day, while driving through a small town, I saw an individual involved in groups I was facilitating at the time. With the cigarette tightly held in the mouth, heavy boots keeping the pedals going, Levi's barely missing the chain and sprockets, gloves tightly wrapped around the handlebars, and a huge fluffy coat flapping in the wind, it wasn't the typical stereotype bicycle rider you would see. Yes, DUI was on this individual's list of recent law enforcement encounters.

As I watched with a great deal of curiosity, I started to question how he kept the bike upright in such slippery conditions. Then I saw it. There was a set of oversized training wheels on the bike. I can imagine some of the comments and thoughts from others driving by, but at that moment, something hit me. It blew

my mind to see the determination and the adaptability of this individual.

Despite the challenges that come in a rural area and having no driver's license yet still have responsibilities and appointments, this person found a way to adapt and remain committed and determined. That held for this individual and strengthened the recovery efforts being made. I turned my perspective to have much admiration and respect for that person. COVID has created a lot of challenges.

However, I hope we can all see that it has also made a lot of opportunities for strengthening the ability to adapt in positive and productive ways

Membership Updates

We have maintained a steady but growing certification holder, with a current standing number of 717 members. This represents a strong amount of like-minded people from the same industry within Idaho, we are doing great things for people in need, we should all be very proud of this.

We understand it takes trust to be a devoted member and this starts with your experience with IBADCC. Leading by example, we have been working hard on enhancing the IBADCC membership experience. Introducing the new and more accessible website, as well as better customer service, with which you can schedule one on one appointments to resolve any certification inquiries.

Financial Updates

IBADCC continues to be a fully non-profit volunteer/ contribution-based organization. Unlike some other association communities, we do not charge a fee for being a member of IBADCC. Carrying a valid IBADCC-issued certification automatically represents membership to this community.

As you may know, the IBADCC certification runs on a 2-year basis. This is a conscious decision made to make the certification experience better for our members and to keep administrative costs low. However, this leads to low funding years due to the reduced certification revenue for IBADCC, or “good year / bad year”.

A good year is a year that most members renew their certifications, and IBADCC operates with enough cash flow. A bad year is a year that only a small fraction of members to renew their certifications, and IBADCC is on the tight end of operational cash.

2020 was an interesting year, as it was supposed to be a good year, but due to COVID-19, we offered many members grace period extensions on certifications. This has led to a tighter operating budget for 2021.

IBADCC is determined to continue to operate independently the way that we love and the way that it has been. We are very lucky to have a group of very devoted board members, working so hard to produce ways to keep IBADCC going and growing stronger.

A community can only be as strong as the members wish it to be, therefore, here are some ways you can help too.

1. Renew your certifications – ensure your certifications are all up to date, most CE providers are now providing online classes and credits

2. Donate your knowledge – we are building up the content library of IBADDC Learning Center, so members and non-members can access and purchase CE classes. If you or a colleague within the industry has great related content to contribute, reach out to us.

3. Buy IBADCC Merchandise – Introducing the Merchandise shop! We have IBADCC merchandise now available for purchase. Represent and show support for IBADCC with your new gear!

4. Donation no matter how big or small of a donation, we would appreciate any support. All donations are tax-deductible.

Forward Looking

The Board Members and I have carried one united vision for the future of IBADCC – a strong, vibrant community where all members are proud to represent IBADCC.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Let’s do this together my community.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Meldrum, CADC President

Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification

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