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IBADCC Learning Center is Calling for Content!

Dear IBADCC Community Members,

We are expanding the IBADCC Learning Center to include webinars and presentations for our community to purchase. These webinars will provide CE credits for members and non-members and cover a variety of topics.

Donate your knowledge

You are invited to share your knowledge as a presenter during a 1-hour webinar on a topic of your choice! Your contribution will help advance the knowledge of members in the IBADCC community. For your time, you will receive recognition as author and presenter of this webinar, along with a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Content Format

The webinars will be virtual and you have the option of presenting to a live audience, or pre-recording your presentation. Each webinar will focus on a specific topic of your choosing and last for approximately an hour.

Both the recording and live webinars will take place over Zoom and you will be working with an IBADCC Administrative staff member throughout this process.

Call for Content

Currently calling below contents, but not limited any other. Drop us an email if you or a colleague within the industry has great related content to contribute, reach out to us.

Category & Topic

  • Supervision Training - Developmental Stages of Counselors

  • Supervision Training - Ethical and Legal Issues

  • Supervision Training - Monitoring Performance

  • Supervision Training - Methods of Observation

  • Supervision Training - Implementing ad Evidence Based Practice

Kind regards,


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