Disciplinary Procedures

Updated: May 26, 2021

IBADCC Disciplinary Procedures
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I. Confidentiality of Proceedings

A. Except as is otherwise provided herein, all information, notes, reports, transcripts, and any other documentation of any kind that are generated or received during the course of an ethics investigation, including the ethics committee meetings and appeal hearings, shall be kept confidential by the IBADCC.

B. The respondent is entitled to a full and complete copy of the:

1. IBADCC Ethics Complaint

2. Investigation Summary Report

3. Ethics Committee’s Recommendation for Action

4. Hearing Committee’s Finding of Fact and Recommendation for Action.

5. The complainant is entitled to a full and complete copy of the: [TBC]

6. The Ethics Committee’s Recommendation for Action

7. The Hearing Committee’s Finding of Fact and Recommendation for Action

II. Conflict of Interest

A. In all cases,

1. The Chair of the Ethics Committee will direct ethics investigation with the Ethics Committee members.

2. IBADCC Ethics Committee shall conduct investigative activities, including interviewing relevant persons and collecting and receiving evidence and other documents related to the case.

B. Should the Ethics Committee Member have a conflict of interest with any party, the duties of said person shall be delegated by the Chair of the IBADCC Ethics Committee and said person shall be recused from any involvement in the case, including investigation and sanction activities.

III. Code of Ethics Sanctions

A. Possible sanctions for the violation of the Code of Ethics include but are not limited to:

i. Written Reprimand

ii. Summary Suspension

iii. Consent Order

iv. Suspension v. Revocation

vi. Denial of Application for Certification

B. The IBADCC may impose any sanction deemed appropriate for the founded violation(s).

There is not a requirement that sanctions are imposed in any particular order.

C. In conjunction with official sanctions, the IBADCC may impose fines, educational requirements, and other conditions deemed necessary and appropriate.

D. If assessed, fines will be imposed according to the following schedule: 1. First offense: $500 2. Second Offense: $700 3. Third offense: $1,000

E. The Ethics Committee may consider the applicant’s or certified individual’s past history in regard to ethical sanctions and disciplinary actions when determining the appropriate sanctions for the current ethics case.