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Continuing Education Provider Application 

Thank you for seeking endorsement of your continuing education events and for providing quality continuing education for the substance use disorder counseling community!

Application Submission

To apply for IBADCC endorsement of your continuing education program, please scroll down to complete the application form with the necessary attachments and the non-refundable processing fee.

Applications should be submitted no later than 30 days piror to the continuing education event.

Delays will be incurred if information is omitted or if the fee is not included.

Endorsement Fees

Total CE Hours
Non-IBADCC Member
1 - 5 CE Hours
11 - 15 CE Hours
16 +CE Hours
$95 + $8 per hour
$195 + $15 per hour
6 - 10 CE Hours

Review Process

The IBADCC administrative office will screen endorsement applications for completeness upon receipt and payment of the fees. If information or attachments are missing, the applicant will be contacted for additional information. Completed applications will then be reviewed by a sub-committee of the IBADCC Board. You will receive notice of approval or denial in approximately 15-30 days from when your completed application was received.

Education Content

Continuing education courses must specifically relate to the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the tasks within each International Certification Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) performance domain.

Content Review 

All trainings must be accessible to the IBADCC Board free of charge. One or two board members may be assigned to attend the workshop or conference on a random basis, enabling IBADCC the ability to be informed through firsthand experience of the approved training. The Board member or members attending would receive a certificate of attendance.

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