If you have information regarding an Ethics violation you should fill out the Ethical Standards Report and submit it to our office.

IV. The Complaint Process

A. The IBADCC will not accept anonymous complaints.

B. All complaints must be submitted in writing on the official IBADCC Ethics Complaint form, which can be accessed at www.IBADCC.org or by calling the IBADCC office and requesting an official IBADCC Ethics Complaint form.

C. The IBADCC will accept phone calls from individuals wishing to discuss a particular situation for the purposes of determining if an ethical complaint should be filed. These phone calls are to be directed to an Ethic Committee member as available. Based on the content of the discussion, the IBADCC with either:
i. Recommend the issue be dismissed, or
ii. Recommend the caller file a formal ethical complaint

D. Should the IBADCC become aware of a possible breach of the Code of Ethics, A Board of Director member may, on behalf of the IBADCC, file a formal complaint against a certified individual or person seeking certification.

E. In the instance that a formal complaint has been filed and the complainant subsequently requests to revoke said complaint, the IBADCC may choose to proceed with the investigation.

F. Completed complaint forms should be mailed to:

Ethics Committee Chairperson
P.O. Box 1548
Meridian, ID. 83680

G. The Ethics Committee Chairperson shall:

a. Review all formal complaints within 14 business days of receipt to determine if the preponderance of the evidence contained within the complaint warrants opening of an investigation.

b. Contact the complainant by certified mail within seven (7) business days of the IBADCC’s decision to:

1. Issue a summary suspension and open an ethics investigation,
2. Open an ethics investigation, or
3. Dismiss the case.
4. Extenuating circumstances – notification can be postponed for up to two more weeks with documentation.

H. Within seven (7) business days of determining that the IBADCC will open an ethics investigation, the IBADCC shall send, by certified mail, notice to the respondent of such. The notice shall include:

1. A complete copy of the official IBADCC Ethics Complaint, to include the name of the respondent.
2. The date by which the respondent must submit, to the IBADCC, a written response to the complaint, which shall be no more than 30 business days from the date of the notice.

I. In the written response, respondents are encouraged to submit their interpretation of the situation or conduct under investigation, including:

1. Any and all facts and circumstances concerning the alleged ethics violation, and
2. Documentation or other evidence directly related to these circumstance, and
3. Names and contact information of witnesses who can assist in the investigation.

J. Misrepresentation by either the respondent or complainant, failure to provide information, or failure to cooperate with the investigation may be grounds for the IBADCC to open a subsequent ethical complaint against the respondent or complainant.

K. Should the respondent fail to respond by the specified date in the formal notice, the IBADCC will assume guilt and will proceed with sanctions as necessary and appropriate.